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December 15, 2021

Arterié – Art from the boundaries

In the world of luxury products, creating a deep impression in the eyes of customers with their distinctive logos is always something that fashion houses aim for. A successful graphic motif will accompany the brand over the years, ingrained in the subconscious of customers. Typical can be mentioned monogram motifs used by famous French designer Louis Vuitton in most of his creations, plaid motifs from Burberry, nostalgic GG logo from Gucci,… They are not not only plays the role of making an impression but also a foundation for the development of future Collection ideas.

As a brand that creates one-of-a-kind creations, Quyn understands what it means to create a harmonious flow of individual personalities and a common aesthetic perspective. That’s why the detail of the “Arterié” bodice was born. Resonating inspiration from leather – dubbed a living material with the ability to adapt, change over time, the “Arterié” detail represents the life circuit of the craft, as well as the emotional circuit. connection between the maker and the owner.

Besides the symbolic meaning, the “Arteríe” vein plays a huge role in the designs. Along with form, shape, color, tone, structure and space, line is one of the seven basic elements of art. At its core, contours consist of lines that are distinct from the background color. In art, contours can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, abstract, depicting meaning or implicit; help shape and bring life to the overall work. Sometimes our attention is attracted by the array of graphics and colors. However, it can be said that enjoying the vivid contours of a work or craft is when we are more aware of the implications of boundaries.

Expressive lines are easily found in design and art. They are the embodiment of the most characteristic emotions that the artist wants to express. Optimism, happiness, sadness, anxiety – when your soul is in tune, you can instinctively identify the lines that best express that emotion. Similar to “Arterié”. Handmade creations are always considered to be in the style of the artist, while one-of-a-kind pieces are the embodiment of the owner’s ego. The contour line then plays the role of a bridge, neutralizing emotions, bringing the ego into the aesthetic look of the times.

Hanh Hoa.