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November 26, 2021

Preliminary knowledge of leather materials

Having existed for thousands of years, raw leather (in the past), or leather (now) has become an indispensable symbol in the luxury industry.

Historically recorded, items made of leather were found in Egypt from about 1300 BC. From the very beginning, ancient people knew how to process animal skins and use them according to their daily needs. In the later period, Egyptian women began to use leather as a measure of status in society at that time.

The 12th century is a new development milestone for leather materials when people began to invent more methods of tanning to apply in life. This is also a step to mark the sublimation period of world-famous tanners, bringing leather materials into luxury goods.

A precious gift from nature only reaches its perfection when it is crafted using manual methods, without the presence of machines or other modern technologies. Luxury model houses have survived hundreds of years of history because: they create pieces that are valuable not only today but also in the future. Among them, Quyn selects luxurious materials selected from around the world, fine-tuned to best suit the climate in Vietnam.


About Henglong Leather

Henglong Leather is one of Singapore’s famous crocodile houses. This is the only company in the top 3 located in Southeast Asia. Currently, Henglong provides the main source of crocodile materials for LV, in addition, major brands are their loyal customers.

About Crocodile Leather

Crocodile skin is considered as an indispensable material in high-class leather processing with outstanding advantages.

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This type of material has high breathability, and is not easily affected by the bad environment. Along with that, the natural oils in the skin provide a genuine, soft and extremely durable feel.

Crocodile skin is appreciated partly not only because of its quality but also because of the expensive scale pattern on the leather surface. Each individual crocodile has unique characteristics that create distinct, prominent and sharp ridges. The craftsman almost does not leave any part of the crocodile skin, all are used to make fashion products with the wild and unique beauty of this material.


About Weinheimer

Weinheimer Leder is a tannery founded in the Weinheimer region of Germany. In 2003, Weinheimer split from Freudenberg Konzern – a company with a history of nearly 200 years – to operate as a separate company in the leather industry.

Since then, this tannery has provided quality leather for many world famous fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, LV or Hermes,…

About Odessa Calf Material

Soft grained calfskin, commonly known as Togo leather, is the most popular leather in the luxury leather industry. This is a material taken from young calf leather, light and good form-keeping, resistant to scratches. First appearing in the design of the famous French fashion house, this high-class material immediately attracted such great attention that the house decided to take the name that Hermès gave to identify the leather line.

It would be difficult to find an adjective or an angle that describes the maximum sensitivity of this particular material. Instead, let those impressive emotions touch your soul directly through QUYN’s creations. With a more even texture and optimal elasticity, the soft grained calfskin is always soft and keeps its perfect shape.


About Weinheimer

Weinheimer Leder is a tannery founded in the Weinheimer region of Germany. In 2003, Weinheimer split from Freudenberg Konzern – a company with a history of nearly 200 years – to operate as a separate company in the leather industry.

About Epsom Material

Calf leather, commonly known as Epsom grain leather, is a material that has received great favor from many famous fashion houses in the world. Not holding a natural surface like many other materials, Epsom leather is embossed with grains that are pressed tightly against the leather, giving the creations of this material a textured, sturdy and durable appearance. light. It can be said that hard calf leather possesses relatively high durability, because this is a tough leather type, has good form retention, high bearing capacity and is especially resistant to scratches, less subject to too much impact during use.

At Quyn, the calfskin material is selected and refined to the maximum, most suitable in the hot and humid tropical climate.


About Relma

Relma is a long-standing family company established in 1927 and specializes in the production of goat, sheep, and calf skins… Initially, Relma was known as a bookbinding company and supplying raw materials for this segment. Today, Relma expands its production and business and becomes one of the leading partners of famous global fashion brands.

About Sully Goatskin

As one of the frequently used materials in high-end leather crafting, goat leather has a surface with a natural grainy texture, slightly oily, and good catching light.

In addition to the visual effect, the goatskin products are also appreciated for their genuine sensibility, tough and durable leather. As a result, this material is suitable for most products such as bags, wallets, watch bands, ….

At Quyn, goat skin material is often used to line the inner surface, giving the processing smoothness and remarkable durability.


About Tanneries du Puy

Founded in 1946, Tanneries du Puy is renowned for its traditional know-how in premium calfskin leather. Thanks to its team of nearly 140 people. this location quickly became one of the main leather manufacturers, recognized for its expertise in the field of Boxcalf finishing and a member of the “Fédération Française de la Tannerie”.

About Box Calf

Box Calf skin is one of the oldest materials used in the leather craft industry. Leather has a delicate iridescent smooth surface and is well-formed, but requires regular care because it is relatively easy to scratch.

Box Calf leather line is special because of its protein processing and glass surface smoothing process, so box calf has a natural bright surface, high elasticity, so it does not leave wrinkles, easy to clean. Proud to be a place of faith, QUYN chooses Box Calf leather to clearly show the design style of the brand.


About Zabri

The tannery was founded in 1971 by the current owner and administrator, Mr. Mario Brillanti. In 1999 the company became a corporation and currently has a capital of 3.6 million Euro. In 2009, 5 sons and daughters, Samuele, Consuelo, Sara, Michele and Marco also became stock owners. The company has always specialized in the production of suede, finished leather and other special high-end fashion items.

About Zabri Suede Material

Since the 70s of the last century, suede has become a popular material not only in the tanning industry but also in fashion. In handmade leather processing, suede makes an impression on users thanks to its even surface color and true sensitivity felt from the first touch.

What sets suede apart from other materials is its sparse texture, which gives it its characteristic softness and durability.


About Remy Carriat

Founded in 1927 by Mr. and Mrs. Rémy Carriat. Since 1970, the company diversified, approaching the cowhide furniture market. In 1976, Jacques Carriat discovered the technique of making cowhide and introduced it to the French market.

About Lagun Taurillon Material

First applied in the mid-80s of the last century by the famous French fashion house, Lagun Taurillon matte calf leather is one of the leather lines today widely used in the leather crafting industry.

High-quality material possesses the outstanding advantages of calf skin: softness, high elasticity. Along with that, the surface is evenly covered with large, evenly rounded, shallow grooves that give Lagun Taurillon calfskin a “matte” effect.


About Horween

Horween is one of the few tanneries that treat leather from raw to finished leather founded in 1905. Over 100 years of history with 5 different operating generations, Horween has always maintained the common goal of bringing Bringing the best quality leather to the market.

About Russian Hatch
Russian Hatch cowhide is a line of high-quality leather shoes that is extremely sought after by fashionistas. However, thanks to the characteristic embossed surface during special processing and the good quality of the leather, the Russian Hatch is also perfectly suitable for other handcrafted leather products such as handbags and briefcases. or belts…

Hanh Hoa.