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Caring Tips

Thank you for your love for Quyn’s products. Each creation is created from the passion and enthusiasm of the craftsman. In order for the bag to last, we recommend that you take certain precautions during use to avoid common mistakes.

Skin is an organic material, sensitive and in need of improvement over time. Skin is sensitive to elements such as water; high temperature; direct sunlight; excess moisture or aridity, all of which can alter appearance and colour. In case of contact with water, wipe the product with a soft cloth to avoid the formation of any stains or bubbles during drying.

Quyn’s creations need time to rest to ensure the color is stable over time. When you’re not using it, we recommend storing your craft in a warm, dry place away from the sun, where the standard humidity is 52-62%. Tissue paper or bubble wrap is designed to maintain the original shape of the craft after all zippers and straps are closed. We do not recommend using a moisture absorber pack.