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“Our clients are very private people, and I don't have much information about them. But I know they come to Quyen to satisfy their ego.”

Artisan Cao Quynh

Located at the top of the hierarchy of needs, each individual's desire for expression and recognition is present at all times. Today, however, that need is stronger than ever. From thoughts to words, from clothes to accessories, everything becomes a means of expressing an ego declaration, affirming a separate and unique personality. We understand that customers come to Quyn to satisfy that secret "me". The trust that customers have for Quyn is the trust in the craftsmanship of the artisans, the expectation of a custom-made creation for them, and above all, the pride in the mission of a Vietnamese brand.

Quyn - derived from the name of artisan Cao Quynh - Founder of the brand. In 2010, when Vietnam's handmade leather industry was still strange and prejudiced, Mr. Cao Quynh chose for his brand a personalization direction, step by step realizing the desire to "make leather craft become a profession". quintessence of the nation”. Quyn brand was born in that context.

Looking for a color that represents the brand's mission, we chose yellow on a green background to paint our journey. The yellow color in “Quyn” comes from the proud and proud five-pointed star on the national flag of Vietnam. Besides, the green background brings intense vitality and continuous development like the enthusiasm of the young generation who are eager to contribute to the country. Together, these two shades clearly portray Quy's spirit. Combined with the color element, the brand name "Quyn" was decided by artisan Cao Quynh in all lowercase right from the initial step of building DNA. He identified this as a Vietnamese brand inspired by the national quintessence, bringing close emotions and carrying the mission of creating humane social values.

During the development, there are strange guests who have become close and close friends with Quyn. The story of "I" is spread and replicated into the story of "we". We hope that “Quyn” is the embodiment of empathy, a place where customers share their own values ​​and develop together for a common mission: bringing the pride of Vietnamese people to the world. 

Artisan Cao Quynh became the founder and officially established Quyn Handcrafted brand with a small craft workshop and 3 artisans located in the center of Hai Duong City. This is a landmark undertaking, starting Quyn's journey of professional leather crafting.

Quyn has perfectened the apparatus and manufacturing process. The reason it takes 5 years to perfect the movement is due to the requirements of manual techniques, on average, a worker will need from 36 to 48 months to be able to manufacture a product that meets Quyn's standards, along with building Build relationships with raw material suppliers. Quyn is constantly improving and expanding the apparatus and processes to match the growing scale of the leather craft market.

This is a milestone marking Quyn's initial successes in the domestic market. We have the opportunity to cooperate with Roll Royce Vietnam and Luala in the launch of new products. To get the satisfaction of two major partners, Quyn has had a process of research, development and perfection within nearly a year.

Quyn became an official partner with Sarpaneva – a famous high-end watch brand from Finland. Sarpaneva emerged from the beginning of the 21st century as a symbol of wisdom, difference and perfect details for each product.

Quyn has the opportunity to cooperate with Aston Martin - a luxury sports car manufacturer from the UK. We drew on aesthetic and functional studies and incorporated them into the design of Aston Martin's customer appreciation gifts for 2019.

Quyn becomes a potential strategic partner of Heng Long Leather in Vietnam region - the world's leading exotic tanner from Singapore and the main crocodile supplier for Hermes in the early 21st century, until May October 2011 was acquired by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and introduced into the system of high-quality materials used for LV and many other brands to date.

12/2020 - Chuyện về Quyn

Quyn was honored to have a visit from The Leader of the Ministry of Agriculture - Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam and Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association - Mr. Le Ba Ngoc to visit Quynh's workshop in Thanh Ha Town, Hai Duong Province. and was assigned by the Deputy Minister in charge of building the Vietnam Leather and Handcraft Association.

We already have 30 skilled artisans according to Quyn's standards. This is the launching pad to train the next generation of artisans for the Vietnamese luxury leather goods ecosystem that Quy has been building and continuing to build.