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December 15, 2021

Ancient art inspiration in flower key details

Simplicity is the pinnacle of complexity.
“To make something simple, one has to do a lot of complicated things behind the scenes.” So simplicity here must be understood as simple for the user side, not simple for the product maker. In fact, the simpler it is for the user, the more complicated it is for the designer.

It is difficult to give a name to the branches and leaves used by Vietnamese artisans, the artisans themselves do not know and they have transformed the shape of the branches according to their imagination. However, it is possible to point out such as the leaf flipping the dragon’s head viewed from the front.

Among the animals entering the art of decorative patterns in Vietnam, the “four spirits” (four powerful beasts) occupy the leading position. These are dragons, unicorns, turtles, and phoenixes. The use of the four spirits is religious for their manifestation is a guarantee of the occult influence of the four spirits already having typical qualities.

Clutch nam Del Luna Quyn

Appearing on the hand-engraved buckle of Ngoc An Nam’s craftsmanship, the creative inspiration based on the Hue Royal Patterns renewed by Quyn’s artisans is reflected in a completely different aspect.

It can be said that there is a scene of sequential development of the ancient Vietnamese decorative art right at the Hue royal court. From the details of geometric patterns, writing, objects, … to flowers and leaves, the Four Spirits represent the culture and beliefs of the contemporaries. In which, the plant world is presented by artists in almost all materials and locations. Not only the four quarters “apricot, lotus, chrysanthemum, bamboo” but many kinds of branches, leaves and fruits are used as creative materials, carrying many layers of symbolic meanings.

Bringing the typical spiritual values ​​of Vietnam into product design, Quyn uses a flower buckle inspired by the art of decorative patterns in Hue’s royal court. These patterns are subtly and discreetly conveyed through the perspectives and perspectives of artisans, aiming to nurture the thousand-year-old spiritual values ​​of the Vietnamese people.

Phuong Anh.