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December 21, 2021

Part II: Discreet Luxury

Someone once said: “Luxury is not having to speak up.” It’s not about putting brands on the outside. Discreet luxury is the attitude of respecting customers with carefully crafted artifacts from design to finishing.

Currid-Halkett shared:
“The current super-rich are very interested in asserting their position through intellectual contributions as well as building cultural foundations.”

This discreet consumption trend is often overlooked by the middle class – but carefully considered and appreciated by the upper class.

Class is not really in the size or number of logos attached to the product. It is not necessary to print a logo on a bag for people to recognize it as a product of the brand. True luxury lies in the style and quality used – the factors that most accurately assess the value of a luxury item.

In an era when most middle-class and upper-class consumers can own luxury brands, as she shared, giving up the habit of buying those goods and replacing them with services non-physical, is a way to set themselves apart, to express their own status.

True luxury is a luxury that needs no words and no explanation. And even the million-dollar products, we need to recognize that a luxury product is a product of top notch design with a unique and transparent leading story, limited quantities, superior materials. and fine finishing, and associated with a recognized brand. It is a discreet Luxury, which only the worthy can enjoy.

Phuong Anh.