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July 5, 2021

Art Director – Visual Storyteller

Photography gives people “the ability to see the world absently”. In QUYN, the Art Director is not simply a visual director, but more precisely, a storyteller through images. Each creation in QUYN is created by understanding and strict discipline at all stages. 

Art Director Người kể chuyện qua hình ảnh - Blog - Quyn

When holding the finished product in hand, the photographer must thoroughly understand the processing stages and then convey those stories through each frame. That is the spirit of understanding at QUYN.

The artist holding the camera, in order to get “quality” works, must be rooted in emotions. Talking about emotions is referring to the realm of human mental strength. When an artist does not have artistic feelings, it is difficult to create works of art; that photo is purely a cold copy of reality and has only documentary value. From ordinary personal feelings to having a “brand” feeling, requires the artist to have passion and belief in this brand. 

Artistic thinking is the basis for emotions in favor of concrete things, not abstract thinking like literature or some other arts. People often form their first impression in half a wink. Therefore, Art Director needs an artistic mindset that is stable but constantly innovating. Because innovation is about creating new values. Therefore, the first indispensable thing every morning of this “Storyteller” is to read the newspaper, update the trends and fortune of world fashion. 

Innovation is not only in thinking, but also in applying that thinking in practice. Before starting to take pictures, the Art Director often spends a lot of time researching carefully about the design, properly calculating how to convey the unique message of each product. In the process of working, the Art Director has to deal with a series of “specifications” such as shooting modes including speed, aperture of the lens, sensor exposure (ISO)… along with the handling of angles, layout, lighting, shooting time,… so that the product is concise and becomes “soul”, has a mood and tells stories about each customer’s personal impression. 

Next, the photo editing process is also extremely important. The first criterion is to convey the most honest, depicting the sensitivity of the skin so that the viewer feels through the eyes as if touching. Therefore, in post-production, the images are only light-processed through lightroom, keeping the correct color and shape of the product. 

Thus, it is the understanding and artistic feelings that have built up a “storyteller” who takes the common mission as his own mission and strives to fulfill that mission. It can be said that the task of an Art Director in QUYN is to weave the first emotional threads between the product and the customer. 

Trang Pham