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July 14, 2021

Journey to Handcrafted Leather – Inheritance or Reincarnation?

In Vietnam, many traditional handicraft industries are recognized and emphasize the role of economic development. Typical examples include bamboo and rattan, ceramics, wood carving, lacquerware, hand-woven weaving, etc. Of course, there is no leather craft industry among them. 

1/2021 - Chuyện về Quyn

It is known that the leather craft industry in Vietnam has developed for a long time, starting with the leather shoe industry. At the beginning of the Mac dynasty, Dr. Nguyen Thoi Trung served the imperial court to go to the Ming dynasty to offer tribute.

During your stay in the Chinese capital, you still worked in the embassy every day, walking around the city at night to explore and see what profession you should learn? Seeing a shop specializing in making shoes for kings and mandarins, they discussed and determined to learn this profession. At the end of the mission, they returned home with the know-how of the leather and shoe industry.

They also made some models of shoes themselves, presented them to the king and informed the king about their intention to spread this craft to the villagers. The king saw that the shoes were beautifully made, praised and accepted their request, ordained them as: “Duc Bao Trung Hung honoring god”. Later, the court ordained Nguyen Thoi Trung as the village’s tutelary god and the founder of the leather and shoe industry.

“History doesn’t lie”. The leather craft industry has existed for a long time, but why is it only loved and widely known in recent years? To answer this question, the only reason is the inevitable development of the pyramid of needs. Handcrafted craftsmanship fulfills the desire to express oneself discreetly through every stitch. Every detail is like a living creature – something that industry can’t do.

That said, the current leather craft industry is merely a development based on pre-set foundations? Not necessarily. Handmade leather goods have gained recognition from a certain group of people today because of the “personalization” that artisans favorably put on each product, optimizing the ability to meet the needs of customers. row. A hand-finished leatherwork is not only the embodiment of exquisite beauty, but also represents the ultimate individuality of the owner.

QUYN is a brand that offers such creations. Formed when the handmade leather industry in Vietnam has not received much recognition, QUYN is going in a direction that few handmade leather goods brands dare to do: Personalization. To perfect a personalized product, the craftsman must reach a certain level in the field of both knowledge and technique, and at the same time, be passionate enough to spend weeks on a piece.

Back in time when Mr. Quynh – the founder of Quynh was still a boy with a passion for meticulous work that not everyone can do. He loves art and is oriented towards the applied graphic design industry. Coming to handmade leather is not the first choice, but it is an opportunity that fate wants him to meet. Combined with a passion for handmade crafts, he chose for his brand a separate path, although different in criteria, met in the love of beauty, product quality and core values.

Every small step in the process of making leather goods of QUYN is extremely careful calculations and requires high precision. There will not be an excess or a shortage of stitches on any product, because QUYN controls the stitches and sets very strict requirements for each stage. The blending, cutting and processing of the hide also requires high precision, with absolute precision. The stages of riveting and installing metal accessories are even more difficult when the standard that QUYN is using is also the standard of the world’s leading names such as Hermes or Louis Vuitton.

The artisan’s ability to learn and adapt constantly is the only factor that brings the leather craft industry from “inheritance” to “rebirth”. In that inevitable journey, “personalization” is a new creative method, a driving force for development, leading the leather craft industry to bring national pride to the international market.

Phuong Anh.