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November 11, 2021

Dream Of Vietnamese Pride

For a long time, the default thinking of most countries about Vietnam is that it is a “processing only” country. In the early stage of economic integration, with the advantage of abundant human resources, relatively cheap labor costs and investment support policies of the State, Vietnam is a place to look for outsourcing units of many companies. multinational companies in the world. This means that the proportion of our country’s processing industry is quite large.

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“Patriotism as well as precious things. Sometimes displayed in glass cabinets, in crystal vases, clearly visible. But sometimes hidden in a chest, in a chest. It is our duty to make those hidden treasures put on display.” – Ho Chi Minh president.

Listening to Uncle Ho’s teachings, we feel like we are responsible for our homeland and country. In the context of a strong trend of globalization, national pride is awakened by “thinking of others when you look at people”, the desire to contribute and make efforts to mark the position of the country in the international arena. In fact, changing the world’s outdated views about Vietnam is a top priority.

However, “Vietnam only does outsourcing” is purely a will-only thought. Reality proves that, along with the development of science – technology, the skill level of the workforce is increasing, Vietnam has clearly realized that we need to have an independent direction. We soon realized that outsourcing is still passive and in order to develop sustainably, we must first get rid of the purely outsourcing situation. The TTP Agreement (Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement) is seen as a boost in many industries of Vietnam, including the leather manufacturing industry. However, the concept of “pure processing” is the biggest challenge today for the handmade leather industry.

Pioneering in challenging those difficulties, the founder of the brand – Mr. Cao Quynh did not follow the old path, instead, chose for himself a completely separate path. Initially, artist Cao Quynh graduated in graphic design and was one of the students with the best achievements under the guidance of Painter Nguyen Duc Hoa – a famous contemporary artist in the art of composition and art. frame. After graduating, he challenged himself with a new field – high-class handmade leather crafting with the mission of making leather craft the quintessence of the nation.

Artisan Cao Quynh in this journey has continuously improved his technique as well as developed new manufacturing techniques. Self-discipline and enterprising spirit have created a high-class leather craftsman, something that very few craftsmen in Vietnam followed in the early 2010s – the official founding year of Quyn Handcrafted.

It can be said that in Vietnam, artisan Cao Quynh was the one and only at that time until now. Until now, he has spent many years dedicating himself to the leather craft industry in Vietnam, continuing to improve his techniques as well as taking time to train the next generation of artisans. The Quyn brand was also founded by Mr. Cao Quynh with the mission to change people’s stereotyped view of low-quality processed leather goods from Vietnam.

The fine art of handcrafted leather goods Quyn strives to tell stories that honor skillful and passionate Vietnamese artisans. This is considered a “treasure” of Vietnamese handmade leather goods, or a “life manual” of ancient techniques. In other words, for artist Cao Quynh, Quynh is the dream of Vietnamese pride.

Trang Pham