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July 16, 2021

Bespoke Cars – Sumptuous Hobby

Bespoke is not a new concept in the luxury world. Referring to Bespoke, we talk about unique items, filled with the pride of the owner. In which, Bespoke cars are considered as the pinnacle of exclusive manufacturing; It’s not just expensive and luxurious, it’s a work of art born exclusively for its owner.

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With cars, “Bespoke” is most common in exterior paint colors. Many luxury car manufacturers have a wide color palette to serve the preferences of each god, especially Rolls-Royce. This luxury car brand owns more than 44,000 exterior paint color options for customers to choose from. However, customer requirements sometimes exceed that huge number.

Besides the paint color, other details including the interior, materials, … are the next factor to consider in the personalization process. Owners can completely request any type of wood for the partitions, any type of leather for the upholstery, or create (several) details to show their preferences on the car. are met, based on the precondition of not affecting operability, safety and brand image.

Rolls-Royce – the symbol of Bespoke cars

From the very beginning of its founding, Rolls-Royce has always used the motto: “Take the best and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, create it.” They describe that the “best” here is a Rolls-Royce. “Make it better” is bespoke. Those two things go together, creating a real luxury, a coveted product for all walks of life in the world.

According to Mr. Lars Klawitter, Head of Rolls-Royce Bespoke Division, the personalization of a Rolls-Royce is done from simple to complex details. Will usually go from the leather detail first. Leather will be used with the right material and color scheme as required. Sometimes a name or symbol is embroidered on it. If the customer wishes, professionals can use other expensive materials, such as silk on the Phantom Serenity.

With Bespoke cars, personal pride is pushed to a new level. Thereby, expressing the message: There is no limit in the unique creations, “the limit lies in the customer’s own imagination”.

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