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July 15, 2021

Symphony in the hands of artisans

The source of inspiration in QUYN’s designs is endless and is growing more and more every day. However, the inspirations that are considered as symphonies in the hands of artisans meet at the core value of dedicating to humanity, enriching each individual’s intelligence and creativity.

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One of the most impressive concepts for the artisan of QUYN to design many handmade leather works is the art of symphony music. The following article will answer the question of why a concept in music is applied to crafting.

Going back in history to tell the origin of symphonic music, from the beginning of the Renaissance, Europe’s wealthiest dynasties and aristocracy began to assemble orchestras in their palaces. The purpose of those orchestras was to serve the needs of the owner on ceremonial occasions, and at the same time, the composer was only allowed to compose according to the owner’s will.

It was not until the late 18th century that professional composers fully formed ideas for music. Many ideas related to combining many different expressive musical instruments were brought together to form the art of symphonic music as we know it today.

Handcrafted leather – a symphony from artisan hands

Combination of many factors

Talking about the great sensibility of symphonic art, the great Soviet composer of the second half of the 20th century said: “Symphony is at the top of all genres. It is concise because of its deeper content and is the Queen of the Music Kingdom.” Russian composer and scholar of musical science Tanév also once said: “If there are aliens on our earth and want in just an hour they can have it. If you have a clear concept of humanity, it is best to let them listen to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.”

 Symphony music is combined by many types of musical instruments, in which there are four main instruments, which are: Wood, brass, percussion and strings. Each set holds its own mission and cannot be replaced. Similar to a handmade leather craft, the material and the artisan are two parallel elements, exalting each other’s beauty, closely complementing under the guidance of the blueprint that plays the role of “leader”. create a harmonious whole.


Considered as the quintessence of music, symphonic music is sometimes labeled as “scientific” because the internal expression includes rich and diverse expressions, from lyrical to epic. from massification to academia, from life-loving optimism to sadness.

That element requires the listener to be knowledgeable and possess knowledge of a certain field. Compared to Pop, EDM, … symphony music concerts may be less attractive to many people, but convey many messages and values ​​that no other music can do.

High-class handcrafted leather products are also “picky” players. Only when the owner understands the artistic intentions as well as the inspiration that the leather worker uses, can the value of the craft be truly understood, respected and fulfilled the mission of spreading.

Eternal Value

Starting from a long time ago, symphony music today still retains its value, even as a musical art form that laid the foundation for the development of music all over the world. It can be said that the contributions of symphony music are endless.

With its creations, QUYN focuses on applying high-quality materials not in price but in beauty and durable function.

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