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June 30, 2021


Recently, “bespoke” has been mentioned a lot in the domestic and international fashion industry, handmade leather goods are no exception. So what is “Bespoke”?

Bespoke Sự xa xỉ kín đáo - Blog - Quyn

“Bespoke” is a term from Savile Row (in the UK) – Europe’s most famous garment street for men with unique suits in the world, specializing in making products for the British royal family. Since then, “bespoke” has become a symbol of the upper-level class that anyone wants to own.

In a simple way, Bespoke goods are single pieces, crafted according to the individual requirements of the customer, completely handmade and unique. “Bespoke” is becoming a new trend showing the status and class of the stylish rich.

In the handcrafted leather industry, how should a bespoke product be understood? A concept as the norm will be difficult because from time to time the concept of bespoke will be different, and will evolve to suit the needs of the customer.

We believe that Quyn has pioneered the use of the phrase “bespoke” for Vietnamese handmade leather goods.  Using “Quyn bespoke” with the belief that we will bring customers a leather product that elevates the user’s level – completely handmade, specially designed according to customer’s wishes, made from high-quality genuine materials by Quyn handicraftsmen – leather workers with all their passion and desire. Until now, we continue to strive to bring customers value and trust with the mission of bringing pride in Vietnamese handmade leather goods to the world.

Above is a bit of Quyn’s sharing about “bespoke ” discreet luxury, the trend of high-end exclusives!

Sincerely thanks customers for always supporting and believing in Quyn’s products. The trust and satisfaction of customers is the biggest motivation to help us carry out the mission of bringing the pride of Vietnamese people to the world.

Trang Pham