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The world of chess exists only in 64 squares, but possesses the ability to transform with thousands of different openings, leading players on an adventure of wisdom. Chess mentioned in everyday life is not just a game; it’s also art, science, sport…Each game of chess contains the quintessence of human intelligence, representing a player’s thinking ability, creativity and broad and extensive perspective.
In order to create a new highlight and suitable for a variety of living spaces, the production of Chess Boards is made by QUYN artisans combining high-quality leather material on a natural wood background; bring a rustic feeling but still ensure the inherent sophistication of the craft art.


Material: Evercolor leather
Color: Black, Golden Brown
Quyn’s products are completely handcrafted. All products can be customized and personalized according to the requirements of customers.

Caring tips & Warranty
Please follow the instructions for storage and use to experience Quyn's products in the best way.
According to Quyn's standards, leather processing should be cared for every 3 months. We support free care during the first 12 months for calf and cow skin products and 18 months for special, rare and especially rare leathers.
Quyen supports repair with torn, scratched products arising during the use of customers.
Order & Shipping
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