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Many people always believe that “craft and handmade products belong to tradition”, lacking creativity and sensitivity, especially in the field of fashion. It cannot be denied that the handicrafts under our people’s hands have had a brilliant development history and reached the level of erudition with sewing – embroidery, jewelry, bamboo, rattan, bronze, ceramic,… However, craft – in this day and age is renewed, expressed in completely different combinations.
NHD Suitcase is a creation created from such a different combination. With two main sides covered with Carbon Fiber, the suitcase has a sturdy, modern and functional beauty. This is a material with high strength and very light weight, often applied in many high-tech fields such as aviation, wind turbines, sports equipment, military equipment, … thanks to its ability to resist corrosion. corrosion and chemical stability.
In addition to fine craftsmanship from artisanal art, Quyn artisans  skillfully used black crocodile skin to wrap the edges, neutralizing the strong modernity of NHD Suitcase. Personal imprint is shown through the metal tag engraved with the owner’s name.


Material: Carbon Fiber & Alligator Leather
Color: Black
Quyn’s products are completely handcrafted. All products can be customized and personalized according to the requirements of customers.

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