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For classic gentlemen, Brogues motifs must be no stranger because of their popularity in the “land” of leather shoes. However, not everyone knows, before the 20th century, this luxurious and delicate perforated pattern used to be a symbol for the poor.

Originating in the countryside of Ireland and Scotland, the Brogues motif was originally created by farmers so that the water in the shoes could escape when wading in mud or streams. We can easily see the similarities between Brogues and lines and patterns in traditional Vietnamese culture: Before being beautifully reproduced in the present, they have had a very close history. , revolving around the daily life of the people.

Bringing Brogues into the making of Mallorie Zip Wallet, artisan Quyn chooses characteristic curvilinear motifs in his designs to combine. From there, recreate the classic breath on the Nubuck Crocodile Leather background; At the same time, ensuring the owner’s daily use needs with 1 money compartment and 5 extra compartments.


Material: Alligator Nubuck
Color: Blue
Dimensions: 131x86x15 mm
Quyn’s products are completely handcrafted. All products can be customized and personalized according to the requirements of customers.

Caring tips & Warranty
Please follow the instructions for storage and use to experience Quyn's products in the best way.
According to Quyn's standards, leather processing should be cared for every 3 months. We support free care during the first 12 months for calf and cow skin products and 18 months for special, rare and especially rare leathers.
Quyen supports repair with torn, scratched products arising during the use of customers.
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