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The art of crafting products always has a very high level of specificity: it exists in a “material” form but contains many spiritual values, expressive qualities, and unique emotions, manifested in the harmonization of multiple elements. Appearing in a modern silhouette, the minimalist Khiết Lam crossbody bag excels in design simplicity, sensitivity, and functionality optimization.

Drawing inspiration from one of the “four gentlemen” as a creative material, Quyn’s artisan utilizes masterful sculpting techniques to depict golden plum blossoms on the metal clasp of the creation with fluid and sharp lines skillfully crafted by nimble hands. The choice of material is a focal point to elevate the design, with a focus on premium crocodile leather. The meticulous surface treatment process brings about a color blending effect, blending hues, contributing to creating a unique masterpiece in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Material: Alligator Leather
Color: Navy Blue
Accessories: Swiss lock, Italian accessories
Quyn’s products are entirely handcrafted. Each product can be customized and personalized according to customers’ preferences.

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