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Recreating the design of the Nora Clutch – a typical example of simplicity – from a different perspective, the Mason Clutch was born.

Inheriting the square, sturdy shape of the original design, the Mason Clutch makes a strong visual impression thanks to its surface-treated crocodile leather, creating a soft velvet effect similar to nubuck leather; At the same time, it is durable, easy to care for and more suitable for Vietnam’s climate. The dark blue color of the exterior seems to portray before our eyes a deep and mysterious ocean; sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle.

Different from the familiar 1 large compartment interior of Nora Clutch, the craft comes with a compartment divider, helping to optimize the owner’s usage experience.


Material: Alligator crocodile leather mixed with Odessa calf leather
Dimensions: 230 x 120 mm
Color: Navy Blue
Accessories: Swiss buckle, Italian accessories
Quyn’s products are completely hand-finished. All products can be customized and personalized according to customer requirements.

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