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“It can be said that the image of the tiger has accompanied and created unique features with the diverse aesthetic complexes of ancient Vietnamese art.”

More than 2,000 years ago, the tiger image entered the art of Dong Son bronzes, with the concept of fearing and worshiping the power and majesty of this animal. Along with the historical and cultural process of Vietnam, the tiger image has corresponding developments and meanings, from spiritual, religious, belief, royal symbols to life decorations and objects. daily activities in folklore; The shape, style, application, meaning of each era also exist differences.

Borrowing the image of a tiger with unique spiritual and cultural meanings as a creative material, Quyn’s artisans introduce the production of Giai Thuy Clutch. Crocodile leather with a semi-matte finish neutralizes the strong, masculine beauty of the design lines with the meticulous, graceful touches of craftsmanship.


Material: Crocodile Leather
Size: 260x160x80 mm
Color: Black
Accessories: Bulino Engraved Lock (Customized)

Quyn’s products are completely handcrafted. All products can be customized and personalized according to the requirements of customers.

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