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Along with other mascots, the rooster is an image associated with Vietnamese culture in particular and Eastern countries in general.
This animal is said to represent 5 virtues and good qualities: Van (with a crest and fur color similar to the hat and outfit of a person who has passed a high score), Vo (with a sharp beak, stiff legs, sharp spurs). , Dung (when attacked, always ready to fight), Nhan (when encountering prey, call their fellow humans to come and eat), and Faith (regardless of the weather or four seasons, they always crow to alert the watch and tell the exact time). Applying the rooster image as a good omen in feng shui, the Chi Vien Clutch was created with a delicately engraved lock surface.
Chi Vien Clutch creates a visual highlight with the combination of two high-quality materials: Nubuck crocodile leather and Waprolux calf leather, helping to create good shape retention and high durability and satisfying the owner’s requirements for a product for daily use.


Material: Nubuck crocodile leather mixed with Waprolux calf leather
Color: Burgundy red
Dimensions: 260x160x80 mm
Accessories: Bulino engraved lock (Personalized)

Quyn’s products are completely hand-finished. All products can be customized and personalized according to customer requirements.

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