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The art of manufacturing products is always highly specific: existing in “material” form but containing many spiritual values, expressiveness and emotions, expressed in the combination of many factors. Appearing in a modern form, the Alastor crossbody bag is streamlined in design, optimal in sensitivity and functionality.

For the exterior, artist Quyn chose Odessa calf leather – a name not unfamiliar in the fashion world. Launched for the first time in the design of the famous French fashion house, Odessa calfskin immediately impressed notaries thanks to the characteristic grain layer spread evenly on the surface and the wonderful touch experience that the material brings. In order to neutralize the soft and flexible lines in the form, the craft is crafted in a classic black tone, luxurious but humble and mysterious.

The interior of the Alastor crossbody bag is divided into 1 main compartment and 2 sub-compartments. All are lined with soft calf leather, ensuring functionality.


Material: Odessa calf leather
Color: Black
Dimensions: 330x210x35 mm
Accessories: Swiss buckle, Italian accessories
Quyn’s products are completely hand-finished. All products can be customized and personalized according to customer requirements.

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