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Like adventurers in the world of handicrafts, artisan Quyn always tries to convey to his customers more than just aesthetics in crafting. Instead, they are stories collected on the creative journey, spiritual values.

Opening the door to the majestic Himalayan snowy mountains, crafting the Porcelain crossbody bag possesses a charming, illusory beauty with a white – smoky gray mix coming from the material. The overall craftsmanship is encapsulated in elegant colors by artisan Quyen, from the exterior and interior to the metal details – all contributing to highlight the special aesthetic perspective of the owner.

Refreshed from the design of Silat Clutch, the highlight of the Porcelain Crossbody Bag lies in the Arterié contour system – representing the lifeline of the craft, and at the same time acting as a bridge, neutralizing emotions, bringing ego into the aesthetic look of the time.


Material: Odessa Calf Leather with Himalayan Crocodile Leather
Dimensions: 260x160x80 mm
Color: White
Accessories: Swiss buckle, Italian accessories

Quyn’s products are completely handcrafted. All products can be customized and personalized according to the requirements of customers.

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