The magic of the cigars lies in the luxury, but more in the way men enjoy and care for their pleasures. That’s why NVQ Cigar Clutch production was born – a great spiritual gift nurtured from understanding.


Material: Odessa Calf
Color: Moss Green
Size: 120 x 230 mm
Accessories: Swiss buckle, Italian accessories
Quyn’s products are completely handcrafted. All products can be customized and personalized according to customer requirements.

Caring tips & Warranty
Please follow the instructions for storage and use to experience Quyn's products in the best way.
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Each creation is completed after 8 to 11 days from the time the company receives your payment through the company's account.
You can call the hotline 0888112223, email directly to inquiry@quyn.vn or order directly on our website.
After receiving the order information, we will contact you as soon as possible to complete the order.