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With many color patches, Hi Van Clutch wears two different high -quality materials in terms of shades. This subtle blend brings not only aesthetic value but also an optimized touch experience thanks to the specially processed material surface.

In Vietnam, Nubuck leather is rarely used in manual skin manufacturing because of its expensive and difficult level of care. Nubuck leather is characterized by a cotton surface created by a special grinding process, creating a characteristic sensory that few skin streams are equal to. However, not only fussy in tanning or crafting, products made from this type of leather are always placed in the extremely strict storage process. Temperature, moisture, coverage and artisans, all need to be absolutely accurate to create a perfect finished product.


Material: Nubuck Alligator Leather ft Nubuck Calf Leather
Color: Brown
Dimensions: 260x160x80 mm

Quyn’s products are completely handmade. All products can be customized and personalized according to customers’ requirements.

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