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It can be said that a gentleman’s aesthetic perspective is most clearly expressed through the way they choose accessories as a way to complete their daily appearance. Understanding this, Quyn’s artisans have opened up a source of aesthetic inspiration that harmonizes luxury, standards, modernity, and newness through the Bally Briefcase.

Completely hand-finished, Bally has a streamlined, strong beauty with a perfect combination of materials, lines and colors. The black color from crocodile leather combined with silver accessories cleverly brings an old, nostalgic look but still not outdated thanks to the minimalist design suitable for all times.

Although the width is somewhat modest compared to commonly found briefcase products, the interior of the craft is still optimized with many small compartments, ensuring the owner’s needs in a neat space.


Material: Alligator Leather
Color: Black
Dimensions: 330x240x35 mm
Accessories: Swiss buckle, Italian accessories
Quyn’s products are completely hand-finished. All products can be customized and personalized according to customer requirements.

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